Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Over the last two months I have been involved with 
a 6 month Christmas Santa swap we are to make or buy 
two gifts and send every month to our swap partner till December.
Then we get to open our gifts we have been receiving from each other, 
it so hard not to open them up right away my lovely swap partner 
so go over and check her blog out. Here is the first two months 
of my gifts I received.First parcel          
 Second parcel 

I have also made a baby shower 
gift for a friend ,
so I made some bunting for the nursery,
used peter rabbit material 
in a neutral colour to make the bunting.

Here is the finished product, 
it fitted nicely into the nursery decor
very well.

 Made the picture  for
my mum,
got the idea from pinerest.

                                         The owl  made for my daughter
                                               it is small cushion.

The bottom picture was part of the
winter swap I joined the owl is a
                                              wheat heat pack I made.

    I also made a library bag 
and bunting for my lovely 
little 4 year old niece,
from this lovely pink and white striped 
materiel with the John Deer logo 
on as she is a country girl at heart.


  1. You are so very lucky to have OFaigh as a swap partner
    She is lovely My only Blogging friend I have met in person

  2. what lovely gifts you have made Carol.xx

  3. Hello Carol, enjoyed finally catching up with your the buntings you have made....thankyou for being my Santa Sack Swap Buddy.....I have sent my next one to you today...Hugs Lyn.....

  4. Hi, Carol ...
    passing by here after a while.
    Your blog is gorgeous, as always.
    You always went there (on my old blog), and I always passed by here on your blog, I had problems with blogger and changed my address and now I found you again for blogging friends.
    A hug :)

  5. Thank you for dropping by my blog. It's so lovely to make new blog friends.
    Jille x


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