Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Babies

Here are my week old baby ducklings,
when I went down to feed my chook's
and duck's last week, I found that my
duck had finally hatched a little family. 

So here are the proud parents with there 
little brood. I think we may 12 to 14 little

Mama duck with some of the brood.

Papa duck and brood.
I will try and post some more of this 
family when I can get near them better.

Love and Blessings From Carol

Farm Girl Friday @

Monday, December 05, 2011

The Winner is ...
Sorry no hi tec Random number Generator,
on this blog sorry. 

So into my red bowl I placed all the names.

Then my lovely helpful daughter picked 
the lucky winner.

Here is the winner.

I have contacted the winner Rose over at chubskulit
will send off tomorrow. Rose was
very happy with her win.

Second stocking winner
I also had a run up stocking give away
stocking, this smaller stocking was
won by Karen at  KOcanQuilt

When I have been contacted by Karen
KOcanQuilt, I will send it off.

I have loved doing this give away, hope to
hear from you all again that entered my
give away.
Merry Christmas
Love Carol

Monday, November 28, 2011

Stocking Giveaway

Christmas Stocking Giveaway

Christmas Stocking  for the
give away stocking party on the
28th Nov and finish on the 
5th Dec  at
 Then you name goes into the draw
for this stocking and will be filled with gifts
for the lucky winner.
So leave a comment so you can go
into the draw on the 5th Dec. Then
I will contact you so I can send it
on the 6th Dec to your home. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

 More Christmas Things

Here is some more of handmade
Christmas decorations that I have
made for this year for home,
friends and blog give away.
So here is what I have done so
far, I will start with the 
Christmas Stocking  for the
give away stocking party on the
28th Nov at

Then little Christmas trees and the
Noel box, which is made from a recycled box
that I covered with some old music sheets,
with some bling ,embellishments an
lovely Noel word printout from
The planner is a idea to cover a A5 book
 then with inserts for the planner, 
which I got from
For the Simply Christmas Party. 

And last in this set of photo's is the two bigger
tree's made from a template found on the net,
the Faith Nativity I bought at the fair
we had couple of weeks back .

 Some more Christmas stockings I have made for friends and family.
The templates were found the net, I got the
material from my stash and from spotlight
Christmas collection.

This one will stay in my Christmas collection,  
as it was made from a piece of  Embroidered blanket.
Found in a thrift shop for $1.00 years ago.
Last of all is one of the tree tags I am making as a gift for someone, 
can't say to much as they may see this blog. 
The reindeer were bought at the $2.00 shop, 
have been repainted  white need one more coat of paint, 
then put  some ribbon around  the neck.
That is all making for this Christmas,

 will show you the decorations'

 when they are all set up over the next two weeks. 
 Check out the party's  I will be sharing with this week.
 Merry Christmas to all the Girls sharing at

Potpourri Friday
for the stocking giveaway

for Blue Monday

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Homemade Decorations

Simlpy Christmas over at 
Shabby Art Boutique

I have joined a wonderful blog party over at Shabby Art Boutique,
it is chritmas blog party to keep Christmas simple, by sharing ideas
for a wonderful Christmas of home made gifts and other ideas.

This is a Christmas Wreath I made last year.

This garland was the start of this years, Christmas decorations
I have started to make Christmas stockings which I will post about
at a later time.    Here is two more things I have made for this year.

So please pop over and check out other blogs that have joined this party.
At Shabby Art Boutique Simply Christmas
and also joined the girls over at

for pink Saturday

Monday, September 26, 2011

With Love

Made from the Heart

It was my Daughter's birthday on Sunday the 25th.
We took her out for tea at Rustler's steak house the
food is awesome for got to take photo's.

The present I made her
 I made her this small canvas pic for her room 
that we are painting and redecorating.  

Sharing with others on
for pink Saturday

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Re-post on  

This was first posted in March by me to
start it going on my blog. Have had one reply
would like a couple more, as would like to bless 
more people before the 2011 ends.

 Found on leslie's blog  , who recieved it from 
Donna at  The house on the corner. I think I can mange it, down in here in Australia, as
You have nearly a 3mnths to do it. So this is what you do and the rules it so simple.

 I promise to send something handmade
to the first 3 people who leave a comment here.

To be eligible, you must also post this in your blog,
offering to do the same thing for 3 other people.

The rules are that it must be handmade by you and it
must be sent to your 3 people *sometime* in 2011.

Hope I get some comments to be able to bless three
people who will then pay it forword.

Sharing with others on
for pink Saturday

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Our Country Home Giveaway

Our Country Home

fellow blogger's go and checkout the
lovely giveaway at Our Country Home,
hit the giveaway button on my sidebar
and enter the giveaway.

Love an Blessings 

Blue Flowers

Blue Flowers for Smiling Sally

Found these lovely blue flowers in a display of art work,
in the one of local shopping center .

So here they are for all that like to post
and share there blue finds, through Smiling Sally's 
blue Monday blog. Hope you enjoy them.

I will keep you in my prayer's 
Smiling Sally. Hope you have a
quick and full recovery.

Love an Blessings From Carol

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Pink Saturday

Happy 3rd Birthday Pink Saturday

I had to join this Pink Saturday, so I could help celebrate
with the rest of the other blogger's that join every week and 
share there wonderful post's. We would not have this 
wonderful blog party if it was not for the lovely Beverly
at How Sweet the Sound. 

Happy Birthday 3rd

There would  be some lovely pink rose's to put on the 
table to add the elegance to a lovely pink party, then I would us a lovely pink tea set 
so we can enjoy a nice cuppa as we celebrate. The 3rd Birthday over at 
Pink Saturday.

So there is my post to share with the other's that joined 
Beverly to celebrate the 3rd birthday at Pink Birthday

So please join us at this link

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

shabby art boutique give away

Shabby art boutique giveaway

Go over and check out the lovely giveaway  to celebrate
her 300th post. Kerryanne's blog is so inspiring to read and she also does wonderful e-classes.

drawn on Sunday 29th May

Love Carol

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Added a few little free blog candy from . 
So pop over and check out the lovely blog and free blog candy.

Love Carol

Eric Ludy - The Gospel

The Gospel 
Eric Ludy

This is such a awesome message about what Jesus has done for, and how we should spread the gospel
to others.

Sharing this at

Love and Blessings From Carol

Friday, April 08, 2011

Thrift shop finds

My Daughter and I where out shopping,
when we decided to pop into the
Saint Vinnie,s thrift shop. WE
both found a bargain or two.

I found this sweet ceramic cat for 
$1.50. There must be a partner for
this sweet cat as this look's as this
was one of the seventies salt & 
pepper shaker's.  

This cat also made remember
my Nan as I remember, The 
collection she had of these cat's
when I was growing up.
I have two of them and my sister
also has 1 or 2 of them as well. 

My Daughter found this cute basket cost $4.00.
 Look's like may be picnic basket as the top lock's
with a piece of wire that goes through two
wire loop's when it is closed. 

We are think we may paint it to
use in her room, when paint and
redecorate it. May paint either 
white or pale pink, would love
feed back on the colour we should pick.

 She also found this very cute bunny,
that seem to say I belong with you know 
Becka. With a price of $2.50 she just 
had to obey the plead of I belong 
with you Becka.

So there is my thrift buy share for 
this week so check out.

 The Thrifty Groove 

Also joined other,s at 
Show and Tell Friday @

Love and Blessing From Carol xxxx

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My Vintage Mending giveaway

Was checking My Vintage Mending and found out that she is
having a give away, so check out the giveaway by clicking on
this link it 
is such a sweet giveaway. Know finished the winner
drawn on Weekend.

Love From Carol xx

I am not ready to show kitchen cupboard's
as they not quiet finished and bit untidy at
the moment. So please here the two display
cupboards, I picked the two up for $200
from a dress shop that was closing down.
They have lights and also all glass , so when found them. 
I had just the place for them in the nook in the passageway to 
display my treasure's and teacup set's, 
And give soft lighting  in passageway.

Lets look inside

top shelves

The two top shelves
have some couple of 
special treasures and few
of my teacup sets from ebay
and thrift shop. 

The little bear on the 
left shelf was from my
sister who now lives
in the USA.  

Second shelves

The shelf on the left
have some family
passed on treasures and
same collected pieces.

 The shelf on the right
       a few special treasured
             gifts and family passed
      on treasure's.



                                           Third shelves

This shelf is mix of my collected
things, family on passed treasures
 and teacups and saucers.

The next shelf has mainly
family passed on treasures,
the plate behind the small
       red plate and knitted holders    
    is  a serving plate from
         my mothers Grandparents
           wedding gift of dinner set. 

Last shelves

These two shelves are
just bit's and pieces.
The wood work
pieces are what my
children done at school.

there are also some little
men made from metal in
the left shelf that are loading
a cannon, son made them. 

So that's a look in two of my
favorite cupboards. I have joined
others at  

“Heart of the Home – Show Us Your Favorite Cupboard” party hosted by  Shelia over at Note Songs!

Love From Carol xx