Friday, April 08, 2011

Thrift shop finds

My Daughter and I where out shopping,
when we decided to pop into the
Saint Vinnie,s thrift shop. WE
both found a bargain or two.

I found this sweet ceramic cat for 
$1.50. There must be a partner for
this sweet cat as this look's as this
was one of the seventies salt & 
pepper shaker's.  

This cat also made remember
my Nan as I remember, The 
collection she had of these cat's
when I was growing up.
I have two of them and my sister
also has 1 or 2 of them as well. 

My Daughter found this cute basket cost $4.00.
 Look's like may be picnic basket as the top lock's
with a piece of wire that goes through two
wire loop's when it is closed. 

We are think we may paint it to
use in her room, when paint and
redecorate it. May paint either 
white or pale pink, would love
feed back on the colour we should pick.

 She also found this very cute bunny,
that seem to say I belong with you know 
Becka. With a price of $2.50 she just 
had to obey the plead of I belong 
with you Becka.

So there is my thrift buy share for 
this week so check out.

 The Thrifty Groove 

Also joined other,s at 
Show and Tell Friday @

Love and Blessing From Carol xxxx


  1. try try again...

    LOVE the cat, such a great color for autumn too...I often wonder who got Nan's huge black pair of cats...those were awesome...though I do love the pair I got...they even got evaced during the hurricaines with me hehe.

    You should paint the basket white and give it a pink fabric liner...I think it would be really cute.

    Love ya Kelsie

  2. Ahh, those are sweet. Love that basket.

  3. Cute thrift finds! That bunny is adorable and perfect for Easter! Thank you for joining me for TTF! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  4. Carol, great goodies you found!!

    I joined your blog, I hope you come by my blog and join my blog I love new follower's

    I LOVE to new follower's.


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