Friday, April 08, 2011

Thrift shop finds

My Daughter and I where out shopping,
when we decided to pop into the
Saint Vinnie,s thrift shop. WE
both found a bargain or two.

I found this sweet ceramic cat for 
$1.50. There must be a partner for
this sweet cat as this look's as this
was one of the seventies salt & 
pepper shaker's.  

This cat also made remember
my Nan as I remember, The 
collection she had of these cat's
when I was growing up.
I have two of them and my sister
also has 1 or 2 of them as well. 

My Daughter found this cute basket cost $4.00.
 Look's like may be picnic basket as the top lock's
with a piece of wire that goes through two
wire loop's when it is closed. 

We are think we may paint it to
use in her room, when paint and
redecorate it. May paint either 
white or pale pink, would love
feed back on the colour we should pick.

 She also found this very cute bunny,
that seem to say I belong with you know 
Becka. With a price of $2.50 she just 
had to obey the plead of I belong 
with you Becka.

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this week so check out.

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Love and Blessing From Carol xxxx

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

My Vintage Mending giveaway

Was checking My Vintage Mending and found out that she is
having a give away, so check out the giveaway by clicking on
this link it 
is such a sweet giveaway. Know finished the winner
drawn on Weekend.

Love From Carol xx

I am not ready to show kitchen cupboard's
as they not quiet finished and bit untidy at
the moment. So please here the two display
cupboards, I picked the two up for $200
from a dress shop that was closing down.
They have lights and also all glass , so when found them. 
I had just the place for them in the nook in the passageway to 
display my treasure's and teacup set's, 
And give soft lighting  in passageway.

Lets look inside

top shelves

The two top shelves
have some couple of 
special treasures and few
of my teacup sets from ebay
and thrift shop. 

The little bear on the 
left shelf was from my
sister who now lives
in the USA.  

Second shelves

The shelf on the left
have some family
passed on treasures and
same collected pieces.

 The shelf on the right
       a few special treasured
             gifts and family passed
      on treasure's.



                                           Third shelves

This shelf is mix of my collected
things, family on passed treasures
 and teacups and saucers.

The next shelf has mainly
family passed on treasures,
the plate behind the small
       red plate and knitted holders    
    is  a serving plate from
         my mothers Grandparents
           wedding gift of dinner set. 

Last shelves

These two shelves are
just bit's and pieces.
The wood work
pieces are what my
children done at school.

there are also some little
men made from metal in
the left shelf that are loading
a cannon, son made them. 

So that's a look in two of my
favorite cupboards. I have joined
others at  

“Heart of the Home – Show Us Your Favorite Cupboard” party hosted by  Shelia over at Note Songs!

Love From Carol xx

Little show of Blue

Blue Monday

I just wanted to show small blog of my
blue in my house. The first bit of blue
is a gift my hubby brought me 
2years ago my wire and ceramic
mannequin. I love it, sits just inside of
the front door. 

The other bit of blue is the walls of the passage 
and the front entrench.

 As your walk in the front door I have
deep aqua colour the door frames and window
frame white, have not quiet finished yet as
you can see the window needs to be

The other walls will be the light blue you 
can see on the right above the lounge
doorway. I will share more as the painting
and the cleaning up from painting is finished.  

So thats my small share for Blue Monday,
so pop over to  Smiling Sally.

Love From Carol xx 

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Summer Ending

As some of the blogger's I follow celebrate
the end of winter and the start of Spring.
Us blogger's in the southern part of the
world, have to say goodbye to Summer and 
hello Autumn. So here is some photo's I last
  of my rose's from my garden.

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Show and Tell Friday and Thrifty Things Friday

Was cleaning out some storage box's that where
from packing up the passage and lounge areas
for the reno's we are doing. When I came across
these pieces of drift wood and some from bush walks 
my children had collected when younger.

Then I found
this tray,key and bud vase so tired the wood pieces
with a some string added the tag and coin that had
been tired around a candle on leather witch I used
to tye the key to bud vase, the sign was in the box 
so added it as the colours and look of it fitted.Paper
flower made myself with coffee filter and few scented 
oil sticks to finish.  

Placed it in lounge on top of dvd cupboard in
front of painting from thrift shop and glass candle
holder's from friend.

This little Lady my Mum got for me at a
tip shop for 10 cents so cleaned her up,
added her to top of my bookcase in the
lounge with other family treasures
and  two little bird nest's found in

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Love an Blessings From Carol xxxx