Sunday, April 03, 2011

Summer Ending

As some of the blogger's I follow celebrate
the end of winter and the start of Spring.
Us blogger's in the southern part of the
world, have to say goodbye to Summer and 
hello Autumn. So here is some photo's I last
  of my rose's from my garden.

 If you love the color pink
pop over to pink Saturday
at Bev's, check other pink post.


  1. That's a charming little bouquet of pink roses. So sweet!

  2. Hi Carol, thank you for your Pink Saturday visit to my blog. It's so nice to meet you. And in reading your profile, I can see that we have much in common. I just celebrated my 25th anniversary, have 2 kids (21 and 19), though the order is girl is the older. Like you, we're not empty nesters and not in a rush to be, as we LOVE our kids' company. And while you've gone back to work after the kids have grown, I've gone back to college. So, in many ways, you and I are living parallel lives.

    The whole concept of the Northern/Southern hemisphere is quite funny. I am SOOOO ready for summer. Winter has seemed to last for 6 months, and it's not yet over. So, while you are getting ready to bring on the cooler months, I'm more than ready to bring on the warm ones.

    Hope you're having a wonderful, abundantly blessed day.


  3. They are lovely...I can't wait for my rose bushes to be big enough to produce enough flowers to cut.

    Hope everyone is doing well...Love to all

  4. Hi Carol, your pink roses are gorgeous...I am about to cut all my bushes back ready for an abundant spring growth (our Autumn has just started)
    My kids are 20 & 22 and only my daughter lives at home son is living the dream having built his own house and I must admit I miss him terribly even though he was hardly ever home when he was here. My daughter is a delight (even when she is grumpy) We share many laughs and even the occassional tears but yes I am dreading the time when she moves out.
    Anyways I just wanted to pop in and say hi and to thankyou for visiting my is lovely to meet you.
    shabby hugs

  5. Hi, Carol. I have Kelsie entered for you! Thank you for your follow. Following you too. You have a lovely blog.


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