Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday

Thought  I would just share my tea for one
moment for today.

Picked this teapot and cup tea for one set
from a gift shop called thingz in the shopping centre
in town were I live, it paid $3.00 for it I think.

As you can see I was joined by our dog 
Cassie. she loves to what is going on in
the house.

So she layed down in her bed along
 side me and had a sleep while I had
a cupa a slice and chocolate.

Hope everyone has nice 
Tea Time Tuesday so till
next time bye and God
bless from Carol. 

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  1. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for stopping by to have tea with me. Your little red teapot is so cute and perfect for Valentines Day or any day! The tea-for-one sets do come in handy, don't they? I have several and I enjoy using them. Wishing you a delightful day.


  2. OMG STOP...I am getting jealous of your cup collection over here...Is this payback for the birdcages??

    Love ya Kelsie


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