Monday, March 07, 2011

Trying times

Hello fellow blogger's, My blog's have been a bit random of late. As the last two week's
have been a bit weired and challenging. first of all decided that would start being more
in tune with what God want's us to do and also doing the right thing's we should do as
his believers. So then the fun starts when you step up to the plate for God. I lost my
job and then few days later hubby cut leg with chainsaw. The chainsaw cut needed ten
stitches in the leg and knee area, week off work. So been looking after my man as needed
to rest it and could not walk on it much. Will start looking for new job this week, in all of
this though God has blessed us with our needs and even was in control when hubby got
hurt, the doctor said it could have been real bad. Priase the Lord for all He does in our lives,
because it is pretty sad with out him in our lives. So bye for day and tommorow hope to
join tea cup tuesday.
                              Love Blessings from Carol

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  1. Hey Carol,
    So sorry to read about your job...I know there is something better for you just around the corner and please tell that husband of yours no more juggling sharp objects :)...But seriously, I hope his leg is on the mend soon...the pic Bec sent me looked pretty icky.
    Love you all and will keep you in my prayers.
    Lil Sis xoxox


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