Saturday, March 26, 2011

Just Pink

So here are some of my
pink finds for this week,
I found when out doing 
some window shopping.

This lovely Dress was on the back wall
of the second hand and pre-loved vintage things.

Also I found this lovely doll in  the same place

The beautiful chandelier caught my eye as
I was leaving.  

There  was a matching lamp.

So don't forget to drop over to
Pink Saturday at Beverly's 


  1. What a great way to describe the dress "pre-loved" cute! I like the pink chandelier, but the one on here is so neat with the little birds on taking flight!

    Thank you for dropping in and leaving me a note it's always nice to hear when something you wrote touched somebody in some way.

    I am following you

  2. OMGosh OMGosh I want that chandelier.

    You should totally buy it for your alcove or kitchen or who cares where, it is pink and shiny...YOU NEED IT...

    Love the dress too...Great pink finds this week.

    Love ya Kelsie


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