Friday, February 18, 2011

 Show an Tell Friday
Here is a little project I started early this morning (Friday in Australia),
It took about 5hrs it started with a polystyrene cross that I
got for two dollars on Wednesday. 


So decided turn it into a shabby chic cross for my
daughters bedroom, that is being painted and decorated
shabby chic. Which is ironic as she a bit of a tom-boy
most of the time but she loves shabby chic. 

First stage

Started with painting the back with a silver colour
I had as a sample pot, then choose the paper for
the front and cut it to fit and glued it on with
hodge podge glue.

Second step

Picked  what Embellishments I was going to make and use
for the cross. First of all I used some cut out letter's, put 
the words faith and life, then added some shaggy wool.

Made a flower with butterfly brad and flower with heart in 
between the two and then embossed stamp of a 
crown on a oval tag with gold embossing, 
as well on a heart  a angel stencil 
 that was embossed with the gold too.

Finished project
My own one of kind shabby chic cross for under
$8.00 not bad.

So there is my first show an tell Friday
post, hope you enjoyed it and please
have a look at the post for this at.
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Bye for now from Carol.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tea Time Tuesday

Thought  I would just share my tea for one
moment for today.

Picked this teapot and cup tea for one set
from a gift shop called thingz in the shopping centre
in town were I live, it paid $3.00 for it I think.

As you can see I was joined by our dog 
Cassie. she loves to what is going on in
the house.

So she layed down in her bed along
 side me and had a sleep while I had
a cupa a slice and chocolate.

Hope everyone has nice 
Tea Time Tuesday so till
next time bye and God
bless from Carol. 

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pink Saturday

Valentine Share for Pink Saturday

I received this email from my mother who got it from my
sister's mil, so I thought that I would share it through blog land.

Sharing the love that is pure and does not judge,
God's love has no strings attached that is so awesome.

Second share for today

The little birthday angel is gift I made for my 
Mother in-law for her birthday on Friday the 

The angels are my own design, this is
my first one to be made may make some 
for Christmas. 

So bye for now and I hope you have a
wonderful pink Saturday and lovely valentines day.

God bless and happy valentines day
 from Carol in Australia.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Espresso for two gift set

Thought  I would share this lovely espresso
for two, that my Mum picked up from the thrift
shop that she volunteers at.

little peep through the window of box's shows 
you this sweet white and green cups with
Lovely pink cherry blossoms, two small saucers.

Then you open the box and you see how adorable
this quaint tea for two set, the saucer's are white 
with pink and green strip around the edge of the

So girls please forgive me that it is not
tea cups or any lovely cakes. But I wanted
to share these as they so adorable not too 
share with you lovely ladies.

Have a lovely week and blessed week.

Rose Chintz Cottage & Inspirations - Tea Time Tuesday